what to do

I love Ben.

I love him a lot, but awhile ago I found myself only doing things with him. Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with him but I had lost a part of myself. I stopped doing things that I loved doing and got into a little routine / rut. I recently had a conversation with a friend about this and decided that it was time to do something about it. 

Things I started doing:
Meet new people
Go out with friends more often
Spend more time outside
Join book clubs

Things I still want to try:
Weekend getaway
Cooking class
Move to France
Knitting class
Live in New York
Glass blowing class
Paddle boarding
Dye my hair a crazy colour
…(list will keep growing)

What’s on your list?

Now here’s a sneak peek into a day with the famjam 🙂

Hat: BrandBlvd (my work has awesome swag)
Jacket: Levi’s (similar)
Pants: Lululemon


International Women’s Day

Alright so as most of you know I’ve had a hell of a year and it all started on IWD in 2017. Getting fired on that day and having to deal with the side effects…


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