What a day. It started off as a great day, we watched the movie Twister and had a jolly old time – the movie seemed fitting as the weather called for a thunderstorm all day (which only lasted half an hour). We then went to pick up my birthday present that finally arrived in the mail… Ben got me a J.J. Leathersmith purse 🙂

THE best. I mean look at how pretty it is, I’m in love.

We then decided to go for lunch, walk around and take some photos since we didn’t get to last time.

We went to a vegan burger restaurant and it was fantastic, so much so that I had to take some photos.

Save the cows they say, every little detail counts.

Picture Now I can’t forget about this stud muffin, it wouldn’t be a blog post if he weren’t in it. I love our weekends spent together, we only get Saturday this week which is too bad. We sometimes don’t often have time to see each other and spend quality time during the week.

Today was great but was also a twister of emotions for me. Being exposed to so many models with unattainable expectations in the fashion industry sometimes takes a toll on me. Today was one of those days and it was hard. I constantly have to remember that being myself is the best thing I can do and to just remain positive.

I don’t often struggle with body issues but I guess we all do at times, and today was that day. I’m glad to have Ben to keep me in check and remind me that I am beautiful no matter what.

I just want to remind whoever reads this post that you are beautiful and great and to just be yourself because no one else will ( I know its cliche to say that but it’s very true).

Now I loved my outfit today and I just want to inspire you to be you by showing it off.  


I decided to channel my inner Princess Leia with my hair today. And also got to make bun jokes all day 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life and my pretty little outfit and again don’t forget to smile and with everything you do, do it with love.

my outfit
Shirt (Banana Republic),
Skirt (Aritzia),
Shoes (converse),
Purse (JJ Leathersmith)


International Women’s Day

Alright so as most of you know I’ve had a hell of a year and it all started on IWD in 2017. Getting fired on that day and having to deal with the side effects…


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