This weekend has sure been eventful! From getting my hair done to dealing with some health issues in the family, there hasn’t been a dull moment.

Tonight we had an unplanned dinner with my sister in law and her husband. It was so refreshing to go out and spend some quality time with family. To have fun and talk about nothing but everything at the same time. The topic of work and goals came up and then there was that word – “meaningfulness.” We started talking about what drives us as people and what we strive for in our lives. I have yet to fully figure what I want my legacy to be; that if I were to leave this earth tomorrow what would I have accomplished that I would be truly proud of.

Something that may seem minor to a lot of people but to me is not is this new puppy of ours. Raising and training him to become a good dog is going to be a struggle but growing our little family is a part of who I am and I’m very proud of it. I suppose that you can try and find meaning in almost everything you do. I think that my next step will be to join an organization or cause that I believe in and start making a difference in someone’s life.

If you have any thoughts on this topic or have ever felt like you needed more meaning in your life please share below. What did you do?


International Women’s Day

Alright so as most of you know I’ve had a hell of a year and it all started on IWD in 2017. Getting fired on that day and having to deal with the side effects…