just breathe.

So let’s just say that I’ve had a week, more like a couple weeks.

Everything that could go wrong went wrong and on top on that with the time change that occurred it now get darker a lot earlier in the day so I am unable to get any sunlight during the week. This week felt like I had scatterbrain, it was hard to really focus on anything, couldn’t be organized to save my life and I have been constantly tired.

Now I’m not going to pretend like these are new things because focus and organization don’t come easy for me. I had many conversations with different people about the topic this week and came to the realization that it is normal that I am less good in these areas of work and life. With the kind of work I do and the sort of person I am, I constantly am trying to think outside the box, design and be artsy. I never had a real use for organizational techniques and ways to remain focus on a job without my wanting to start anything else.

I don’t like to let people down and knowing that my lack of skills is causing problems is giving me anxiety. I was legitimately nervous about going to work all week just in case I would miss something. I told Ben all of this and something he said to me was “relax and don’t forget to breath”. I did; in that moment of panic I wasn’t breathing properly and was letting the situation take control of me as oppose to me it.

I want to learn to develop this skill that so many people seem to take to so easily. I want to take my time and notice little mistakes. I want to make lists and stick to them and feel a sense of reward once done. I want to know where all my things are when asked to find it… I just think that I need a little help. I need some tips on how to overcome this creative/scatterbrain/unorganized/lack of focus/not finishing anything/bored brain that I call my own.

I guess maybe making daily lists might help with being organized or meditating with the focus part?

What works for you? Do you have any good tips? If so please share.


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