Day 21-29

Alright guys, here are days 21-29. I officially have one day left so stay tuned for my last post and what I have learned from this!

Day 21:
Fundraisers (so proud of our friend for this one)
Our friends (thanks for cheering me up)
Dressing up (fun anytime)

Day 22:
Days with Ben (my favourite)
Coffee dates (<3<3<3 thanks for being my friend Sarah)
Photography (a passion that I am glad to have more time for)

Day 23:
Eatables (It knocked us out, we now know we aren’t meant for them)
Movies (movie nights are my favourite)
Movie editing (Ben and I learning to work as a team)

Day 24:
Freelance work (very grateful for what I have)
Snow (it’s beautiful)
My pups (my babies)

Day 25:
Time to play board games (settlers of catan)
Healthy food (smoothies every morning…well almost everyday)
Snow storms (being snowed in is fun!)

Day 26:
Chips (I caved, how could I not)
Walks (love my quality time with Ben unless it’s too cold)
Reading 🙂

Day 27:
Finishing a project (nothing feels better than accomplishing something)
Going for a burger (Hambrgr is amazing)
Bert (my true love)

Day 28:
Impromptu games night with friends (settlers of catan – yes I’m obsessed)
Meetings with my Dad (so lucky to have his support and to be able to learn from him)
Being able to call my Mom when I’m sick (she always has my back, and answers my crazy texts at 3AM)

Day 29:
Big snow flakes (beauty)
Ben taking care of me every morning (making me coffee and taking the dogs out while I slowly wake)
Gods mysterious ways (need I say more, learning to trust with all that I have is a new challenge)


International Women’s Day

Alright so as most of you know I’ve had a hell of a year and it all started on IWD in 2017. Getting fired on that day and having to deal with the side effects…


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