Day 10 – 13

Lots has happened this past week, from Ben’s birthday to his surprise party to going back to work and doing a lot of freelance on the side all while trying to maintain a semi social life 😉

Here are some of the things I have been grateful for the past few days.

Freedom (I am proud to be Canadian)
The Future (not knowing what will happen is sometime frustrating but also very exciting)
Intimacy (this comes in many different ways)
Honesty (this really matters)
Faith (sometimes I forget to believe)
Trust (remembering that God is in control and so are you)
Happiness (things could be worse, life is not bad)
Contentment in a moment (being present)
Creativity (very thankful for my crazy mind)
People that say good morning (we’ve all experienced the opposite, make someone’s morning)
Making someone’s day (no matter who it is just smile)
Coffee (need I say more?)

Have a beautiful day!


International Women’s Day

Alright so as most of you know I’ve had a hell of a year and it all started on IWD in 2017. Getting fired on that day and having to deal with the side effects…


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