It turns out that when in a relationship one needs to learn to compromise AND it needs to go both ways. I’ve never been really good at this part of a relationship. I’m pretty stubborn and like to get my way; Ben on the other hand is quite great and truly is the definition of a fantastic husband / person / partner whatever you want to call it.

I’ve never been a huge sports gal but guess what?

Ben is.

I figured meh, whatever he can do his own thing and I can do mine.


Wrong to an extent that is. You have to learn to enjoy spending time with your person no matter what because once you start doing too many things separately well that can lead to trouble. You may not agree with me but in my experience it does – but that’s a story for another day. Ben and I were separated for a while two years ago and it’s not until we started seeing each other again that I realized it’s not all him. I needed to step up my game (no pun intended). One of Ben’s favorite things is to watch baseball and hockey. I would never encourage him to do what he likes or let him relax. This year I decided to try it, to try and be part of his world a little bit and try to enjoy what seemed to be a boring game.

Guess what. I’m actually starting to really enjoy it. We went to a game this week and the crowd was wild and our seats were great and the best part was that I now understand the game (at least 70% of it). Seeing Ben’s smile and knowing that I’m actually genuinely involved in this tiny little – what seemed insignificant – part of his life was worth it.

Obviously this is such a small example of compromising, just like Ben watching cheesy Hallmark movies with me is as well! But that’s where you start and sometimes I hate it. Putting my pride aside and considering how someone else may think or feel is a constant action that I have to think about, until it becomes a habit.

Like I always say, do everything with love, and always with love.

Let me know your thoughts on this, who do you have to be sometimes?

Outfit information:

Pants: Zara (similar here)

Sweater: Banana Republic (similar here)

Shoes: Converse (Browns)






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