So here we are – my first post…

Here’s a little bit about me. I am a graphic designer with a passion to create, if unable to do so I start to lose my mind a little. I’ve done a lot of schooling in my life. I started off with Bible school right after high school which was great, I made some great friendships and experienced Europe for 4 months or so; got to truly experience life, love and culture and would never change a thing.

After Bible school I decided to go to University; I went for Business and realized that it wasn’t for me after my first year. I then decided to switch schools and enrolled in Business Communications. This is when my yearning for creativity began, I wanted to go to college so badly but was too afraid to tell my family as it wasn’t as prestigious (I should mention that I was the first one to go and graduate from post secondary education, it was very important for my parents to see me do this and I guess college didn’t seem quite fitting). Now I’m not blaming anyone for this because I am so blessed to have been able to go to university and graduate with my family’s support BUT it wasn’t what I truly wanted.

I worked for my dad’s new start up business once I graduated – in a business admin/marketing sort of role – I worked from home (which is a whole other story in itself, turns out I need human interactions around me all day in order to be happy and work well). I learned a lot and am very thankful for my time there but I was never happy with my life. I was a little depressed and felt like I was stuck. It took 4 years but I eventually started looking at colleges and graphic design is what always really peeked my interest so I decided to go for it. I then had to have a really uncomfortable conversation with my dad and decided to quit and pursue my passion. With a lot of encouragement from my husband I applied and a few months later  got accepted in a graphic design program and never looked back!

So that’s me (working me) in a nutshell I guess 🙂

What I learned from all of this is follow your instincts and do what you are really passionate about. Don’t be afraid to be yourself because nothing good will come out of not being true to who you are. Step out of your comfort zone and do what makes you happy. Learn from your mistakes and enjoy the ride.

Looking forward to our next little chat.


International Women’s Day

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