30 day thankfulness challenge

Hey guys, so let’s just say that today has been a day, actually its been that way since last night. Trying to get over this hump is taking a lot out of me right now especially since I’m getting sick.

…So I have heard a lot about this 5 minute journal as of late or even of people writing down 3 things they’re thankful for everyday. I think that I need a little bit of perspective at this time in my life and have decided to take on the challenge for the next 30 days. .

Thankfulness Day 1:

  • My dad for always believing in me
  • Finnegan for teaching me patience
  • Always wanting to learn more

I don’t ever want to portray life to be happy go lucky at all times; that’s unrealistic.

We all have our ups and downs, sometimes we feel defeated and like we have no where to go but then if you’re lucky and willing to open your heart someone or something will brighten it.

For me, today that person was my dad. We haven’t always had the easiest relationship – but I’ve always known that he loves me – and receiving his phone call today and hearing him say that he called just because he felt like he should at that exact moment made me smile (actually it made me cry lol). All this to say that when you least expect it and need it the most, anyone and anything can turn your day around.

Merci Papou!

Here’s to positivity and I challenge you to be thankful!

P.S. I apologize for the lack of photos for this blog. I will make up for it in the next post 😉


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